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UncommonX 1H 2023 - Progress and Performance

As we enter the second half of 2023, it’s a good time to reflect on a very interesting year thus far. We’ve seen remarkable shake-ups in the tech space and social media, a burgeoning interest and application of AI, and a continued drum beat of companies, governments, and individuals facing risks and negative impact from cyberattacks, breaches, and incidents.

Cybersecurity Is a Must-Have for More Businesses

At UncommonX, we have seen a significant increase in interest and commitment by companies that are taking a more comprehensive approach to protecting their business, assets, and people. With this increased interest and adoption, we grew our client base by 30%! New customers include manufacturers, financial and insurance companies, service providers, and government.

In the first half, we continued to see our MDR/XDR solution protect a wide array of customers from bad actors and attackers, contain and remediate issues, and play an instrumental role in driving efficient operations and ROI.

See our X Factor File from earlier this month for one example of how our solution protected a healthcare company when a third-party mobile app for patient interaction opened new ports and system vulnerabilities.

Impressive Product Enhancements

As our product and services continued to improve, we expanded capabilities with new integrations and functionality. A few of the notable product updates for the first-half of this year include:

  • Enhanced Network Discovery: Improvements on the speed and analysis of host data from multiple sources including AD, EDR, Vuln Scans, Netflow, Firewall, and Upload meshed with our continuously learning risk scoring algorithm based on host criticality, vulnerabilities, anomalies, alerts.
    • Discovery underpins our entire risk platform and also provides a solution for host management and profiling, critical for our wide range of customers.
  • Vulnerability Management: Integration with a broader set of vulnerability scanners, and improvements on the ability to add context to assets automatically; see and sort all vulnerabilities across environments; and manage the lifecycle of vulnerabilities tied to specific hosts, locations, status or other customer specific criteria.
    • This has reduced time to visibility and to generate VM reports, as well as prioritize the actions from vulnerability scans.
  • Microsoft Integrations: Supporting 100s of integrations means we are always adding and enhancing our portfolio. In the first half, we made notable strides in Windows logging, enabling NxLog for all customers allowing the platform to collect Active Directory data to enhance analysis and issue resolution. We also completed and activated a Microsoft Graph API Integration offering the ability to consume and report on aggregated Microsoft alerts and correlations across their product suite.
    • This provides the efficiency of a single endpoint vs. integrating with a number of products.

Related to our unique technology portfolio, we were issued additional patents by the USPTO and now have 6 official patents, with 6 more in process of completion.

MSPs Are Adopting Cyber Solutions to Better Serve Their Clients

In 2023 we launched a new XDR licensing program to the MSP market and continue to expand our partner network. MSPs like Versatile, who partnered with UncommonX in 2023, understand it is critical to have the right suite of solutions, at the right price, to meet the growing demand their customers have for cybersecurity services. Delivering exceptional solutions and margins for our resellers is a continued focus for us going forward.

Moving Forward...

We are excited about the rest of the year and the opportunity to continue on our path to provide complete visibility and optimum cybersecurity. Look for news about our enhanced applications for asset discovery, vulnerability, and compliance, and for more customer highlights on the real-world value of our technology, services, and solutions. Woo!

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Rich Pasewark — CEO, Board Director — Rich brings over 20 years of experience as an executive leader within the technology space with a core focus of aligning product, market requirements, and customer experience to define, implement and execute the company's macro strategy.

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