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The Vital Role of a People-Centered Approach to Cybersecurity

Human error remains one of the biggest vulnerabilities in cybersecurity. Here’s how to incorporate an effective people-centered approach as part of your entire security strategy.

Gartner recently released their list of Cybersecurity trends for 2023. In this report, Richard Addiscott, senior director and analyst at Gartner, states:

"A people-centered approach to cybersecurity is critical to reducing security incidents. Focusing on people who design and implement security controls, as well as managing business communications and cybersecurity talent, will help improve business risk."

At UncommonX, we couldn’t agree more. Despite advancements in technology and security measures, human error remains one of the weakest links in cybersecurity. Phishing attacks, social engineering, and insider threats often exploit human vulnerabilities rather than technical vulnerabilities. That’s why it is imperative to educate individuals within the organization to recognize and respond appropriately to potential threats – and reach out to experts when an issue arises.

A people-centered approach emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity awareness, rather than leaving it all up to the programs.

This people-centered approach is at the core of our Security Operations Center (SOC), and the team of experts who staff it. In addition to the standard alert and remediation work our experts perform, we enable our clients to utilize this positive human factor, and encourage on-going outreach, most notably through the virtually unlimited time clients have to talk to a real person on specific questions and issues. 

UncommonX is here to help.

In practice, UncommonX clients can reach out at any time to discuss ongoing challenges, best practices, and strategies for a safer and more secure environment. Our clients have worked with us on:

  • Ad hoc questions around particular threats.
  • The development of enterprise wide programs for enhanced security.
  • The use of our tools and teams across a broad set of stakeholders.
  • Purpose driven programs to educate and enable their organizations.

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Rich Pasewark — CEO, Board Director — Rich brings over 20 years of experience as an executive leader within the technology space with a core focus of aligning product, market requirements, and customer experience to define, implement and execute the company's macro strategy.

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