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UncommonX 2024 — Year of Discovery and Resilience

As we enter 2024, the team at UncommonX is geared up to continue delivering on our promise of Complete Visibility Ultimate Cybersecurity. Over the course of 2023, we accomplished some amazing things:

  • We grew our customer base almost 100% and expanded the application of our patented technology to a wider variety of use cases including asset and vulnerability management.
  • We worked with a number of new partners to expand our market presence, including new XDR licensing options for MSPs and large enterprises.
  • We continued to provide high level protection with our 24/7 SOC and strategic engagement with our clients and prospects from incident response to network security assessments.
  • We were granted 11 new patents on our technology portfolio, expanding the value of our intellectual property and the capabilities it provides to our clients and partners.

What's Up Next

In 2024, we will be communicating on a wider variety of topics designed to educate our audience with essential information to build what we view as a critical success factor for any organization — resiliency.

This year, we will demonstrate how our core patented discovery technology, analytics and risk ratings apply to a wider variety of business functions than ever before. Our goal is to apply the breadth of our technology and managed services to build true cyber resiliency, serving a strategic business purpose for our clients and partners.

Discovery is the Foundation

At UncommonX, our patented discovery technology operates as an agentless, virtual appliance. This provides the complete visibility necessary for any organization to build a resilient environment by providing a true view of the environment and all devices in, and connected to it. This capability surpasses all point solutions and offers a more complete level of protection. As noted in a recent Microsoft cybersecurity blog, the growth in ransomware attacks are directly related to lack of visibility to devices on your network, stating, "These attacks are also notable for how they attempt to gain access to unmanaged or bring-your-own devices.”

Our technology removes these blind spots and gives organizations the fundamental fact-based visibility they need. We’ll be sharing a deeper dive on this capability and how essential it is in a forthcoming technical deep dive and X Factor File.

Resilience is the Outcome

At UncommonX, our mission is to put enterprises of all sizes on the right path to cyber resilience. We believe that proactive cyber resilience can only be achieved with complete visibility. With this mission, our products and services will help clients move from tactical cyber security to strategic cyber resilience. The outcome provides an environment that measures up to the most dangerous risks and demands, operating with high performance and continuity.

Moving Forward...

We continue to be enthused about the cyber security market and our ability to provide differentiated solutions with our amazing technology and managed services approach. We will soon roll out exciting new information on an emerging market space — Exposure Management — where UncommonX is highlighted as an example of what can be done in the next generation approach to networked environments. Onward!

About the Author

Rich Pasewark — CEO, Board Director — Rich brings over 20 years of experience as an executive leader within the technology space with a core focus of aligning product, market requirements, and customer experience to define, implement and execute the company's macro strategy.

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