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Cybersecurity: Expectations vs. Reality Building a Powerful Program That Works

Relying on technology alone or out-of-the box solutions often leaves midsize businesses with a false sense of security. Watch this free on-demand webinar now as it explores how you can ensure your company has the exact level of protection you need — today and in the future.

Presenters include Patrick Hayes, Chief Security Officer for UncommonX, and guest speaker Jessica Burn, a senior analyst for Forrester. 

Key takeaways include:

  • Building an in-depth security strategy specific to your business and objectives
  • Why technology alone isn’t enough (it also takes people and processes)
  • Meeting government compliance doesn’t always mean you’re truly safe
  • Defining inherent, acceptable, and residual risk — and how they affect you
  • Understanding why security maturity should be a cost of doing business

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